Top 10 Best Alternatives For AdSense In 2020

Happy Xmas In Advance,But do you know it's very heartbreaking waking up one morning seeing this on your Gmail.

"Your account has been banned from adsense program"

That's why i decided to come up with this topic 👇👇👇

Top 10 Best Alternative For Adsense

Today the world has been expose to a lot of things,Adsense is not the only alternative,Sometimes when you wake up,You might be faced with this message on your gmail box,Am not saying adsense is not better,But once your gmail has been banned on adsense.You can't apply for adsense with that same gmail again.Please do not panick anymore that's why i brought up the idea of writing this article best alternative for adsense
A blogger that doesn't earn is nothing to the world,As a blogger you must have a good means of income on your blog or else you are incomplete.But the real fact is "you must not blog for money".The fact is that you must always write to beat up or feed your readers hunger.In this post you will see that adsense is not only the ads displaying network.

What's Ads?

This Ads system is very popular for income while blogging,Ads is not something new it's the abbreviation of advertisementThis advertisement mode is the way you can earn without problem.For you to earn you have to know the rules and regulations of the ads platform you are working for.

Who is a publisher?

This is simple and straight forward,A publisher is one who publish company ads on his blog in order to earn income for himself.

Who Is An Advertiser?

In order to make it understandable i will say just small about it,An advertiser is a person who share his advertisement with a platform and get it published by publishers.Advertiser doesn't get paid he only gets customers or page viewers if he had advertise his blog on the platform.

Top 10 Best Alternative For Adsense For 2020

I know while reading this,you are eager to know which is gonna be number 1, That's the main reason I will not start from number 1 but i will start from Number 10.

They are all listed as follow top 10 ads alternative for AdSense:

10.NG Adverts
This ng adverts pays per click,CPM and e.t.c.They just began recently but they are trustworthy.All you have to do is just sign up with them and thats all,They pay N15 per click.
9.Revenue Hits
I came across them recently,On nairaland.They have been running for a long time, They're mostly used by the entertainment niche.But that doesn't stop them from paying you if you aint for entertainment niche.They give out ads of different sizes to publishers they also offer popunders,Native ads,300×250 and so on.
8.Pop Ads
This popads is what i am using right now,They offer you popunders,native banner,Footer banner and a lot more.Pop Ads
has been used by people and it has been great for them, But the truth is that their payment is slow,They pay you slowly,You might get lots of traffic that day but later end up having just $2 after the traffic.But their cash out is ✓legit.They pay you without excuse.
This advertisement platform is now taking over all the popular blogs i know.It deals with video advertisement.They pay per click,per traffic e.t.c.It works like adsense but not sure if it pays like adsense.But i have seen a lot of blogger using it.
I don't really know much about infolinks, but i have a friend that says he will keep using it as long as his blog lives.Infolinks pays too.All you have to do is register and wait for their confirmation.
This Mgid
is used by big blogs,The popular 9jaflavouruses mgid and they get real payment from it.If they weren't being paid,They would have opted out for long. This mgid pays but before you can be approved you must have 3000 page views that day.before you can be accepted.
This stopasto display ads just like mgid but it's used by big blog.The popular Naijaloaded
uses stopasto to get their payment easily.But for now i heard stopasto has close Down for now.They only need advertisers for now.So check out for other alternatives.
I use adsterra,as my second alternative before i found out popads.Adsterra get you approved in just 24hrs.In adsterra they don't discriminate if your blog just started today but obeyed the rules of adsterra you might get approved.They pay in dollars.They also display erotic ads so be careful.But they pay in a ✓legit
manner without scam.
2.Propeller Ads
Propeller ads is great too,but they gat a lot of policies just like adsense,They do popunders for blogs,Cos before you can serve their native banner on your blog you must have 10000 active visitors per day on your blog.Anyway lemme gist you the only people i have seen that is serving Propeller ads
is the popular site i know 02Tvseries.They are the only one i have seen so far.Propeller ads is great too.

.Media Net
This might be new to some bloggers ear,Well As you read,Media Net
is the best alternative to adsense,But they have policies stronger than adsense.All your traffic must be mostly USA People,So that means for you to get their recommendation your traffic must be more from USA.
That's all i can write about now, Those are the ways i think you can earn for 2020.
Do not forget to share this articles with bloggers who wanna make it in 2020.Our Topic remain the same Top 10 best alternative for adsense for 2020.Do not forget to comment and also subscribe to our blog.

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