How To Export Post From Blogger To WordPress


Good day readers,A  lot of people has been disturbed about this topic but it is simple and very easy to manipulate and also straight forward.Before you can do this I will always appeal you to always backup your post after posting new article because you can be hacked anytime.

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Anyway if you migrate from blogger to wordpress you will know that blogger is only for newbies and not for experienced blogger.Aan experience blogger will switch from blogger to wordpress.Nobody can easily manipulate wordpress without first passing through blogger itself.Thats the main reason I wrote this article how to export post from blogger to wordpress.When you start a wordpress account  maybe you already have a saved blog on blogger and you want to import your  former blog post to your new wordpress account,That’s when you need this advice.

How To Export Post From Blogger To Wordpress Successful

This process might be long but its very simple and easy to manipulate.Follow the instruction correctly and you will successfully migrate your post from blogger to wordpress.

Exporting your post from blogger to wordpress successfully:

1.Login To Blogger Dashboard:

Already own a blog on bloggers site,All you have to do is to login through your search engine type blogger sign in then login your email and your password then blogger will redirect you to your blogger dashboard.

2.Click Settings On Blogger Dashboard:

Opening your blogger  you will be faced with a dashboard,On bloggers dashboard there Is always a sidebar that can be used to manipulate your blog looks,settings,followers,admins e.t.c.On this blogger sidebar please click on the settings then you will be faced with a lot of dropdowns.

3.Backup Not Import Post:

Seeing this two button might bring about confusion.But there is a difference between import and backup.Import is when you are trying to move a post you already downloaded from someone blog to your own blog.Click on backup not import.Then you will see save to your computer.Suddenly or that Instant a file will be downloading in an xml mode.After downloading the file in xml form you can open such file if you have the WPS Office,You  can download the app if you don’t have it CLICK HERE.Opening this file you will see all your blog posts.You already have the file so what next…

4.Login To Wordpress Dashboard:

Now you have the file now all you have to do is login to your admin center,In case of those who don’t have the knowledge of admin center just type on your chrome https://your site you already have your login details already.

Open up your admin site then you will see your Side-bar options just like that of a blogger you will see a lot of options it is left for you to pick what you want but base on instructions I advise you that you should pick tools then here comes a lot of options pick Import then you will be advised to first install blogger importer plugin .Then after that a box will be shown to you asking you to upload.below it you will see max of 2MB.

5.Success At Last:

After your upload has been counted successful,Go to your sites on google search engine then click your web then you will see that all your blogger post has been successfully moved to wordpress.Then don’t forget to comment if it worked cos if you don’t comment you aiint encouraging us at all.

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