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Data transfer is now available and easy for everybody.This days people wants to share data in order to avoid unused data removal.Well MTN has given we MTN subscribers the perfection that we can share our data with people we want or love.You can also transfer data to friends on MTN.

Follow all these simple instructions and you will be through in 5mins.

Code To Transfer Data To Friends On MTN

This code works for every MTN subscriber not considering your plans.

1.Go to your dial Options On Your GSM:
Every GSM has a dial app that enable users to call anyone they want.So for you to access the code,Go to your dialer options.

2.Dial Code:

Dial this simple code *131*7#.This code is for you to go straight to the data transfer options.

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3.Then you pick the number on transfer from balance.

4.Recipients Number will be required:

Please when you get to this point,Please I beg of you make sure you are sure and certain about the number you are about to submit.Cos if you make mistake in the number your data will be transferred to someone else.

5.Then pick Your Amount:

The max you can send in a day is 100MB.MTN made it 100MB max/perday.But other lower options are there.So pick your choice.

"Always have it in mind God Loves You"

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