How To Upload Music On Your Blog


Upcoming bloggers that want to dab into entertainment on the free blogspot has been disturbing me on this topic.So finally I decided to write about it now.There are different ways of uploading songs to your site.Unlike wordpress you can easily upload your song because its already in the menu,But on  blogger you have to keep tracks on some procedures before you can successfully upload on your sites.Anyway to begin this tutorial,I will be teaching you how to upload music on your entertainment blog using mediafire.Since I have been using google blogspot for my entertainment blog,I will recommend that all newbie bloggers should use media fire for uploading music or apps to google blogspot.


Media fire is a site where you upload your music to get a link that will direct you to where the file uploaded can be gotten.Media fire is been used by different entertainment blogs worldwide.This media made it easy to easily upload file without any restrictions,On media fire you can even upload porn and other stuffs.Media fire has a lot of features especially when you subscribe for pro.On media fire you can see how many people downloaded your file.Media fire has been there for a long time there is no bad thing if your opt in for another alternatives but I will be kind to prescribe media fire for you because it’s the best.


This uploading on media fire is very simple and straight,All you have to do is follow this simple instruction given to you.On medi fire you have to sign up before you can get started.
Getting started with media fire goes thus:

1.Sign Up with media fire:

If you don’t sign up with media fire or any other uploading source,You won’t be given access to upload your files,Which means your  first step is to sign up with the uploading media you are using.To sign up.

2.Confirm Your Email:

This act of confirmation is just to confirm if really you are the owner of your email,While signing up you will be asked to fill fully the form which will include your email.After signing you will be asked to verify your email.To verify your email,Media fire has already sent you a gmail Kindly login to your gmail account and verify through the link sent to you.

3.Upload Files (Apps,Video or Music)

After confirmation,Kindly go back to your account to get started.On your media fire dashboard I will recommend that when you get there,You should use the desktop mode.Switching to desktop mode is easy and straight forward,On your chrome click on the three dot at the left,Then there you will see history,settings,downloads.Scroll down to desktop site click on it.Then you will be viewing the site in desktop like appearance,Simply click the upload button and upload what you want to upload.Then after uploading you will see a text saying “copy link”,That link you copied will lead you to that place where what you ve uploaded can be downloaded.

4.Login To Your Blogger Dashboard:

After copying the link to your clipboard,Then login to your blogger dashboard to prepare a new post,When you already upload a picture or the song album and you have written the text under it.

Using HTML
<center><p><b><a href=”song link here”>DOWNLOAD MP3</center></p></a></b>

That code is essential if you are using html for writing your post on blogger.

Using Custom

This mode is for those who aint good in coding because on the text bar all the tools you need as been given to you.To use the custom way follow the instruction given to you very attentively.

1.Write DOWNLOAD HERE as shown in the image below.
2.Press the DOWNLOAD HERE down as if you want to copy as shown below
3.Then pick the TOOL marked in the picture.
4.Paste your link as shown in the picture.
5.Simply click OK button

Visit that blog post,Then click the DOWNLOAD HERE button,You will be redirected to media fire page in order for you to download the files.


Earning is one of the things that made a blogger an essential person,If you still use the domain then you have to wait for atleast 3-4months before you can get adsense approval,But if you already own a domain.I will recommend you buy your domain on domainking .But as an entertainer you can even earn before that time.The Question is HOW? case you missed this how to start an entertainment blog.I will talk about three ways you can earn on your entertainment blog.

Three Ways You Can Earn On Your Entertainment Blog

Songs Promotion
Adsense and Co


In the world of bloggers,Once you start getting 1000-2000 page views a day,You are a star.The best thing is to chase over organic traffic and not social media traffic,When you start getting page views up to a thousand a day.A lot of people will want you to help them to advertise their products or services on your blog and in return you earn cash.This advertisement is a proper way in which entertainment and even news blog use to earn money.


When it comes to song promotions,A lot of song artist want to get their song all over the world,When they see that you get a lot of traffics everyday.They will want to associate with you.Your payments depend on how many download you can guarantee them.If you can guarantee 1000 downloads Then you are going to be collecting N50000 or $138 above.


Adsense has been the best paying ads platform ever,Bloggers really earn from them,In case you missed how to get adsense approval as pays you without excuse but they have a very annoying policies which can later end up losing your adsense account.Adsense pays you by displaying ads on your blog.Clicking on it will bring you INVALID CLICK So Beware
Top 10 best Alternatives To Adsense.


Affiliate marketing has been in existence for years.The way Affiliate marketing works is far different from how advertisement work.In this case why not read how to earn with amazon affiliate.Amazon is a great affiliator you can work with especially in terms affiliate marketing,They serve native ads and co.You wanna know full details CLICK HERE.
Entertainment and news blog is the best blogging niche you can dab too in order to make clean organic traffic,D o not forget.
 HOW TO UPLOAD MUSIC ON AN ENTERTAINMENT BLOG,Be a good fan put down your experience in the comment box.Subscribe so we can get to you very fast.Thank you and also enjoy blogging.

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